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11 March 2007 @ 12:49 pm
Ebony Bones  
last night me and Naomi revisited our yoof as Camden gig-slut indie kids...but this time, we're a decade older and we know how to do it PROPERLY :) so instead of donning our 70's ski-jackets, adidas gazelles, skinny t-shirts and corduroy kick-flares, on went the gold sequin and lamé dresses respectively, leopard-print shoes and half a ton of gold bling and off we toddled to Upper St to watch Ebony Bones...

who - by the way - if you haven't seen or heard. Go. NOW. they are the most exciting live-band I've seen for years; it's pure Punk Rock meets Nottinghill Carnival, meets Mardi-Gras absolutely fucking brilliant. Ebony Bones is one of the most electric genius front woman I've ever seen...oh and the tunes are damn good too :) we got chatting to them after the gig; they'd been giving me and Naomi love and shout-outs from the stage cause of our bling-tastic outfits and ridiculous dancing; not only are they absolute sweethearts but they're gonna come and play in our area at Glastonbury!!!!!!


y'know, sometimes, it's really fucking great having your own field at a festi :)

happy happy happy!!!

then me and Naomi drank the bar dry of vodka and hit the dancefloor; I was mostly Vogueing due to my new obsession with Paris Is Burning while Naomi did her 'special dance'. we bothered the DJ with requests for Madonna and Lady Sovereign, created a huge space on the dancefloor for us to throw our shapes on and got bothered by every stoopid geezer in the place who was generally sent packing by Naomi with a flea in his ear.

it was ridiculously good fun and we have decided that we are going to make a regular habit of revisiting our yoof because we do it SO much better these days. imagine being 15 again with a 25 year old head and attitude on!!!

as we left we passed a young girl puking on her friends leg outside the door who was holding back her hair. we just looked at each other and shuddered. we both knew exactly how that felt and were both SO damn glad that we were THERE anymore :)

then it was the good old number 19 again all the way home which turned out to be one of the merriest night bus journeys I've had for ages; with some mad Kiwi's recording happy bus-tour speeches into their phones: "welcome to the number 19, sit down, relax....we'll be stopping in some beautiful places, so sit back and enjoy, we're all here...some of us are...*hic*...very inebriated....but ALL are welcome...and this guy is probably THE best driver EVER!" and giving them to the night bus driver who was gamely playing them over the loud speaker to raucous applause from all the other passengers. fucking hilarious!

life is good. I feel slightly demented and like I can't keep up with myself but I guess I will eventually...even though I'm a bit all-over the shop it seems to all be going swimmingly regardless...but now I think, it might be time for la grand detox.
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Ophelia Bitzophelia_bitz on March 11th, 2007 08:34 pm (UTC)
Did Ebony Bones do 'No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs'? Best song ever ever :) x