new photos by Annick Wolfers

Annick is interested in showgirls and photographing them in environments that tell a story about who they are and that are personal to them in some way...

here is a selection from the story about me and my boat...pretty aint they?

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all this being happy is making me terribly unfocused...why do anything else when you can hang out in bed all day, eating things and watching vampire movies??

hey ho


ps booked the flights to Kenya last night!!! flying out on New Years day...yeah baby!
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thoughts on tea

Normali-tea: builders

Reali-tea: first cup of the day

Mortali-tea: earl gray with arsenic

Cruel-tea: you make a brew then discover there's no milk

Trage-tea: you make a brew with milk and discover that the milk is sour

Speciali-tea/Surreali-tea: tea with mushrooms

Superficiali-tea/Mundani-tea: shit tea in a polystyrene cup with lukewarm water and UHT milk

Morali-tea: tea with soya milk

Sinceri-tea: tea made properly in a teapot

Frivoli-tea: tea with that fancy sugar you get in posh restaurants

Duali-tea: tea and coffee in the same cup

Nump-tea: when you forget to put the water in

Electrici-tea: the last cup in a teapot that's been brewing for half an hour

* * *

I spent 3 hours lying in bed this morning coming up with these! hmmmm...

feel free to add your own :)
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catching up with myself

it's been a while since I posted...

this is because for the last few weeks, without me even quite realising it, my party-mojo switch has suddenly been flicked back to ON, which has seen the welcome reinstatement of some of my more deviant qualities which had been gathering dust during my period of fairly sedate post-summer recuperation...but lordy does it feel good to be out on the tiles once again!

so let's see...

there have been magical Jewish weddings in Bethnal Green, decadent fashion week parties with trannies dancing on pianos, beautiful girls riding carousel horses, Massive Attack gigs, late-night cider-tastings in Brixton pubs, Hot Gay Boy raves in Dalston, Gypsy Hotels, lots of getting my cock out, murder on the dance floor, getting engaged (again) to my evil husband, Wreck n Roll circuses and bloody-thirsty BBQ's...

there has also been a lot of time spent plotting ROUNDHOUSE (!) and tinkering in the studio with Nik, planning our forthcoming single launch (v exciting) and working on what I think is possibly our best song to date...all good shit.

and other news: first mate Jakey, after 3 years on board has left the boat to join Maria in the Shepperton, which is a sad-making affair, although one thing I've learned since I've been Captain of MTB is that it's important to feel glad for people when they move on; like a mama bird watching her baby birds leaving their debauched floating nest! in his place is smiley, sparkly Becky who makes killer butternut squash soup and has already cleaned the bathroom...so far so good ;)

feel truly dreadful today as a result of me and Gus's gloriously successful blagging it into Florence + The Machine last night (we is genius) and subsequent crashing of her hotel after party. can't remember getting home but I do remember the sun rising. ouch. luckily all I have to do today is to make it to the swimming pool and cobblers, before hammering myself into some kind of shape before this female producers salon/social do this evening. right now too hungover to make a cup of tea, but I've got five hours until I've got to be there so it may yet still be ok!
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wordy rapping hood

this week I have mainly been wining and dining with Joe all over down and catching up with friends in the form of cackling pub sessions with Trash City gals Alex F, Nat & Denise and drunken dinners with exploding borsht with the much-missed Kate Friend...

...have also been suffering from insufferable writers block with the two new Hooligan Night songs me and Nik are in the middle of writing, for which I have written the most hook-tastic, catchy choruses but for some reason am absolutely stumped on the verses...too many words and phrases running round my head...too many rhythmic possibilities and not a hint of a tune...infuriating!

hoping to crack it today: muses! come n help yr girl out of a fix!
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I'm an easy girl to please when it comes down to it

sometimes it's the damndest things that can cheer a girl up.

last weeks funk was broken after a particularly raucous night on saturday, when I performed the Pink Guitar Show at TG - never in a million years would I have thought I'd get the fetish crowd chanting "I love Rock n Roll" back at me, but readers, it happened...this was followed by many tequila, some seriously reckless dancing/shameless exhibitionism and finished at a party at Cordy House where I took a spectacular tumble off a crate of beer, in an attempt to pull off an exuberant Rock n Roll dance move on Alex Wreckage (in retrospect I probably should've given him a heads up first).

woke up on sunday with a massive lump on my head, a swollen elbow and a smile on my face; my sense of self firmly back in place.

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